Product Catalog

The Fusion F-18, featuring Fusion Technology, drives both slight and medium headed brads into the hardest woods. Perfect for trim crews, remodelers, punch-out, or anyone who does not want to deal with the hassle of a hose and compressor. Save up to $300 per year by not having to buy any fuel cells!

The Bostitch BT50B-3 is aprecision-built tool, designed for high speed, high volume nailing. This tool will deliver efficient, dependable service when used correctly and with care.

The Bosch GRL 500 HCK offers fully automatic dial-in slope and centerline modes for consistent leveling to 1650 feet. Lithium-ion power is behind a system that fast charges laser and receiver at the same time. The remote/receiver is two devices in one, so all information is in hand for easy one-person operation. An industry-first theft deterence alarm offers user peace of mind. A built-in calibration reminder advises user on calibration state and helps avoid expensive mistakes.

Tough poly tank, Lock-On hose, tool basket, and tank drain.

Welded, unitized frame. Adjustable operator handle folds for transport. Direct-drive, random orbit action; 14 lbs external weight. Includes 1 each, part number FCS16-1100, 4" x 6" straight blade 1 each, part number FCS16-1300, 3" x 10" straight blade.

Top-in-class down pressure delivers unmatched chemical-free finish removal performance. Orbital scrubbing technology truly delineates itself with its chemical-free finish removal capabilities; delivering massive labor and material cost reductions and improved indoor air quality versus traditional stripping methods.

Rear pivot depth of cut adjustment allows your hand to remain behind the tool at all depth of cuts. Powerful 15.0 Amp, 2,075 MWO motor made for long life and difficult applications. Heavy-gauge, high-strength aluminum alloy base for increased durability on worksite. 50° beveling capacity increases capacity in various applications. Electric brake stops blade after use.

Powerful 12 Amp motor provides professional power. Motor is located over plates for maximum performance and perfect balance. Designed for flush sanding up to vertical surfaces. Variable-speed dial is conveniently placed on the handle, allowing belt speed adjustment from 1,000 to 1,500 SFPM. Quick-release belt-change lever. Fingertip belt-tracking knob for quick, accurate belt adjustments. Large capacity dust collection bag swivels 360°. User-friendly design with ergonomically correct handles. Belt and gear drive system transfers power from the motor to the sanding belt.

Powerful, dependable, durable. For instant heat right out of the box, just fill the tank and plug it in. The Reddy Heater high-capacity fan quickly circulates heat. All units run for a full working day on just one filling. Great for construction, small trade, agriculture, automotive repair, and do-it-yourself projects. 

Powerful, dependable, durable. For instant heat right out of the box, just fill the tank and plug it in. The Reddy Heater high-capacity fan quickly circulates heat. All units run for a full working day on just one filling. Great for construction, small trade, agriculture, automotive repair, and do-it-yourself projects. 

The 15.0 Amp Super Sawzall® Recip Saw is the fastest, most durable recip saw in the world. It is the first Sawzall® Recip Saw to include Constant Power Technology™ which maintains constant speed and power under load for unmatched cutting performance. The 15.0 amp motor provides the industry's highest overload protection. The patented Gear Protecting Clutch extends gear and motor life by absorbing high impact forces caused by sudden blade lock-ups. The patented Counter Balance Mechanism reduces user vibration.

Calcium Chloride Pellet Ice Melt - 50 lb. Bag.

Calcium Chloride Flake Ice Melt


All natural and fast acting, Sure Paws gets the job done without irritating your pet’s paws or skin. Plus, it’s gentle on vegetation when used as directed.

Sterno Handy Wick Chafing Fuel - 4 hr. burning time.

Melitta Coffee Urn

Constructed of 18.8 stainless steel to resist corrosion. Complete with food pan, water pan, dome cover and fuel holders. 8 qt.

Cooking a large entrée crowds your full-size oven. When multiple courses are called for, give your kitchen more flexibility. Cook your main course, side dish, or dessert in the 18 Quart Roaster Oven instead.

165,000 BTU Portable Torpedo Heater

Rayco 1625A Stump Grinder

The D540-2 40 ft aluminum extension ladders have a duty rating of 300 pounds and feature the exclusive ALFLO® rung joint for a TWIST-PROOF® performance every time. The end caps are mar resistant and notched for easy separation of sections. Both the base and the fly sections can be used separately. Internal guides increase the ease of operation when raising and lowering. The feet are heavy-duty, self-aligning and free swinging for hard or penetrable surfaces. Rugged spring-loaded locks operate smoothly. TRACTION-TRED® D rungs are slip resistant. Duty rating changes to 375 pounds for 20 ft-32 ft models.

Supreme nachos equal supreme profits! Selling chili and cheese nachos fast an hot is a popular choice for busy self-serve locations. With dual peristaltic pumps you are guaranteed to have little food waste left in the bag! Each side hold one 140oz bag. You can also double up on cheese and offer two cheese choices!

Lenox Hacksaw

Husqvarna 327PT5S is a robust pole saw with telescopic tube. The versatile cutter head makes it easy to reach even dense trees and bushes without using a ladder or cherry picker. Low weight, good balance and rear-mounted engine provide a comfortable working position and reduced exhaust fumes. The slim cutter head has adjustable and automatic chain lubrication.

•Made in USA
•Constructed of sturdy rust-resistant wire mesh with steel reinforcements for long life and galvanized for maximum resistance to rust and corrosion
•Mesh openings of our groundhog traps are smaller than competing traps of comparable size to prevent escapes and stolen bait.
•Spring loaded door and sensitive triggers ensure quick, secure captures that target the specific animal's size, eliminating undesired catches.
•Solid door and handle guards protect users during transportation, while smoothed internal edges protect and prevent injuries to animals. Trigger rod is located outside of the trap so animal cannot damage it while in the trap
•Ideal for catching raccoons, stray cats, groundhogs (woodchucks), opossums,and similar-size nuisance animals. Havahart traps are made in the U.S.A.