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Duraflame™ Stainless Steel Low Smoke Fire Pit


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  • Duraflame™ Low Smoke Fire Pit is made from high-quality (304 steel) stainless steel and built to last a lifetime!
  • The innovative double-walled build enhances burning and cuts down on the annoying black smoke being emitted from the fire
  • Built with comfort in mind, the low smoke and low ash output lets you enjoy a fire pit without having to worry about smelling like smoke
  • The removable grate and bottom pan make it the easiest fire pit to clean on the market today
  • Nothing tastes like food cooked over an open wood fire - grill up burgers, steaks, kabobs, hotdogs & chicken
  • Portable and easy to use, it’s perfect for total outdoor entertainment – great for the backyard, camping, tailgating, the beach, RVs and so much more


Duraflame™ low smoke fire pits burn at a highly-efficient rate while emitting a low smoke output due to the double-walled design, which enhances the burning and produces a high-temperature output.

The duraflame™ low smoke fire pit’s double-walled design, reduces the amount of smoke created as the cool air from the outside is brought in through the lower vent holes and heated between the layers of the fire pit. The air trapped between the double-wall is heated and pushed out the inner vent holes at the top, allowing the fire to burn hotter, causing the smoke to reburn, and suppressing the amount of smoke released into the air.


We are proud to introduce the duraflame™ low smoke fire pit!

Made from high-quality (304 steel) stainless steel it’s built to last. The innovative double-walled cuts own on annoying smoke eimissions, while allowing you to finally be able to enjoy a backyard fire pit WITHOUT smelling like smoke!

Best of all, the duraflame™ low smoke fire pit’s unique inner stacked feature and removable grate and catch-pan collects the ashes, making clean-up a breeze.

It’s time to gather ‘round the campfire and enjoy those special moments with family and friends with the duraflame™ low smoke firepit!


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