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BK Products Toilet Tank Anti-Sweat Valve Brass (1/2", Brass)

B&K Industries

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Anti-Sweat Toilet Valves are made to prevent condensation from building up by mixing warm water with cold water running to your toilet tank. This keeps your bathroom dry and clean keeping your bathroom looking and feeling sanitary. This valve features an adjustable mixing chamber letting you regulate the mix of hot and cold water.

  • Heavy brass construction
  • Three-way installation: 1/2-in MIP, 1/2-in SWT (5/8-in OD), 1/2-in COMP (5/8-in OD)
  • Hot water adjusting screw allows hot water to be shut off or regulated
  • Built to prevent condensation from building on toilet lines
  • Allows for adjustment to hot/cold water mix
  • Not for potable water applications
  • Threaded connections comply with ANSI B1.20.1
  • Solder inlets comply with ASTM B16.18

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