Feit Electric 40-Watt Equivalent A15 Soft White LED

Feit Electric

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Enjoy all the benefits of advanced LED energy-saving technology with the Feit Electric 3-pack A1540/10KLED/3 of LED light bulbs. This non-dimmable A15 bulb outputs 300 lumens of 3000K Warm White light using only 5 watts - up to 88% less energy than an equivalent 40-watt incandescent. Get instant on to full brightness with relatively cool running performance. Each bulb has an average life of 11,000 hours / 10 years, is RoHS compliant and 100% mercury free. Choose a dependable light for daily tasks or any general purpose residential or commercial applications.

Versatile A15 bulb for appliances or ceiling fan fixtures
Soft White glow makes any space appear cozy and inviting
LED technology uses considerably less power compared to equivalent incandescent lights
Long life reduces the inconvenience of replacing bulbs

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