Feit Electric 60-Watt Equivalent Blunt Tip Soft White Filament LED (2-Pack)

Feit Electric

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Combine the traditional look of chandelier lighting with the advantages of highest quality energy efficient LED technology with the BPCTC60927CAFIL/2/RP filament light bulb from Feit Electric. This dimmable torpedo tip chandelier bulb outputs 500 lumens using only 5.5 watts - up to 91% less than an equivalent 60-watt incandescent. High 90+ CRI makes colors more vibrant and skin tones natural, all while saving energy and lasting 15,000 hours or more. A stylish tapered design with exposed filament instantly livens up the décor of any room. Choose a dependable chandelier bulb to brighten your home.

Exposed filament look lends a touch of elegance to chandeliers
High 90+ CRI light makes colors realistic and vibrant
Dial it up, dial it down to set the mood with fully dimmable customizable lighting
Soft White glow makes any space appear cozy and inviting

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